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History behind the knot symbo

In Buddhism design, the use of knots emphasizes spiritual connectivity, continuity, and focused mindfulness. They become symbolic representations, helping Buddhist practitioners and bracelet wearers find tranquility and inner strength in their spiritual journeys.

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Red string meaning

In Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, a Lama-aBuddhisthead teacher and leader-ceremonially blesses and ties ared strings braceletaround a student or practitioner ,Red string bracelets are often associated with various cultural and spiritual beliefs.

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The reviews

  • Not going anywhere

    This is a very beautiful bracelet, well made . One thing I dislike about other string bracelets I have bought in the past is that they tend to loosen up over time- especially with extended wear becasue I never take mine off- however I don't have this concern with this bracelet at all 😄 It's a keeper!.” – John S.

  • So good

    This is just as described. This will not center on your wrist.
    As for sizing it is true to size.
    I put mine in vinegar and the color did not run. I don’t intend to take mine off. it is Cute and comfortable.

    -Johson D

  • Elegant and beautiful

    This bracelet is beatiful! The red color is super lucky. Plus, it's perfect for protection, healing, and positive energy. It even comes with a cute handmade cotton bag and a red envelope. I like it.

    – Anne L.

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Every bracelet tells a story, a reminder for you and family.All the bracelets are crafted by hand with the utmost care and attention.

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